A day off in Slovenia

The beautiful spring weather encouraged us to take a day off, tried to forget the everyday issues and spent some quality time together. We drove to our beloved Slovenia. It was probably the first T-shirt-day of the year, without wind. What to do? As we had absolutely no sports equipment with us and walking seemed a little boring, we borrowed some trekking bikes, put our T-Shirt, shorts and running shoes on and ride away towards the mountains in a very comfortable pace.

Mountain Krvavec on the right side – famous Slovenian skiing area – the skiing slopes are still visible and the snow slowly loosing the fight with the spring sun. 

We started in 4th largest town of the country – Kranj and followed the road towards Preddvor. The way took us through sleepy villages with perfectly groomed gardens. It looked like the locals really take care of their homes. The road takes you to the mountain pass and we saw many cyclist who already did  the whole way up and were cycling back home. We felt pretty strange on our trek bike, dressed pretty inappropriately. But who cares – we had fun.

Local road through sleepy villages and behind (on the left) a 2132m-mountain Storzic

In Preddvor we turned to the left (straight would mean the mountain pass) and decided it was time for some refreshments (after 10km). Preddvor has a small lake Crnjava, which is a popular Sunday-point for families with small children, who had done some ice-skating on the frozen lake only about 2 months ago. The only hotel on the shore offers some great refreshments – from cold beer to the home-made lemonade. If hungry, the one can get delicious pancaked, ice cream or home made pie and cakes.

Crnava lake in Preddvor and Storzic behind

After a short break we continued our cycling tour, e.g. we headed back to Kranj. As we didn’t want to return the same way, we did a kind a circle and followed the road via Brdo, the ex-residence of former president of Yugoslavia and now a famous football centre, park with a popular wedding location and restaurant.

We returned back after about 23 km of cycling (1 hour in a comfortable pace on the trekking bike), happy that we enjoyed a sunny spring day and did some recreational sports at the same time.

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